Scarving Artists

Scarving Artists features one-of-a-kind nuno felted scarves. These beautiful silky scarves are unique, hand-felted scarves that bring out the brilliant colors and designs.AITG2014_ScarvingArtists_cropped

Nancy Stevens Randall and Mary Beth Stevens started making scarves several years ago, spurred on by their two scarving sisters, Susan and Tricia. Older sister Tricia, an avid knitter, discovered the wonders of nuno felting as a way to make unique and beautiful scarves. She shared this process with her sisters, and it has now become a family affair!

Nancy and Mary Beth formed Scarving Artists, and together are making beautiful, one-of-a kind scarves – or should we say fashion statements! Each scarf is lovingly designed and made using up-cycled materials along with their creative flair. Unique, beautiful, stunning – just a few adjectives used to describe these works of art. No two scarves are alike.

Blending artistry and practicality has allowed Nancy and Mary Beth to create “wearable art” that will get you noticed!

blue scarf Three Scarves