Tricia Mageli-Maley

Tricia Mageli-Maley

In 1991, I founded Bijouterie and was introduced to the amazing world of mineral specimens shaped into some of the most beautiful beads I had ever seen.  In learning about all the varieties nature had to offer, my first offerings were the simplest of strands, attempting to showcase these gorgeous treasures.

Along the way…
The longer I searched and the more I traveled, the more interesting the choices became.  I began to notice that some choices showed up only once—never to be seen again. I started to look for better clasps, unusual minerals, gold work, vermeil.  And when I found even a few beads of something unique, I brought it home so that it could go into the next creation.  Tiger coral, serpentine, tiny abalone squares formed into delicate beads by hand, shells from all over the world, carved teak beads, turquoise from the Southwest US, and from China, Karen silver to the tribal region of Thailand, baroque pearls from Japan, Botswana Agate from Africa, Citrine from Brazil, Peanut Fossil from Australia and yellow/black agate from Brazil.  Every mineral is special, the energy they carry and the way they feel when worn, adds so much when we come into relationship with these treasures of Nature.


Amethyst and pearls with Balinese silver clasp


Chinese Turquoise with silver clasp


Lamp work beads and pearl


Assorted Stone Pendant Necklaces

DSC_8825Freshwater Pearls and pearlized ceramic disks

Tricia_Braziian Agate with Moonstone Pendant

Brazilian Agate with Moons

Tricia_Brazilian Agate with Druzy

Brazilian Agate with Druzy


Matte black agate with sparkling black drusy and a South Sea pearl drop.

New Zealand Paua Shells with pewter accents

New Zealand Paua Shells with Pewter Accents


African red jasper with gray striations, volcanic lava and silver accent beads.  Jasper is known to have been a favorite gem in the ancient world.

Citrine from Brazil

Tiny slices and chips of Citrine, gold accent beads and a doughnut of golden serpentine are combined in a two strand circlet.

Quartz Beads from Brazil with Rutilated Tourmaline Needles

Only one strand was available but it was exceptional and quite rare.  Black needle-like crystals flowering out of clear quartz.  Energetically powerful, aesthetically beautiful and combined with bead knots of gold vermeil and an amazing vermeil circular clasp.

Baltic Amber Chips in a multistrand choker

Baltic amber—cognac, butterscotch, lemon, and  creamy colored chips combined in a surprisingly lightweight, chunky strand, gathered with larger amber accent beads.

Carrara Marble from the Italian mine that yields marble for the Vatican

Rich black, taupe brown with small flecks of gold in soft, smooth marble beads cut in an assortment of shapes in Switzerland and polished to a beautiful luster.  It is combined with rare peanut fossil beads from Australia.