Patti Landres

I love antique jewelry with beautifully crafted components and thought given to the smallest of details. The designs from different era’s always seemed more delicate and that they would be complimentary to the wearer. Growing up in different countries also gave me an appreciation for tribal and ethnic design.

My motivation for making jewelry came about because I either couldn’t find anything readymade that I liked, mass produced jewelry was never that appealing, or things I liked I simply couldn’t afford.  For some time I had been collecting broken bits and pieces of old jewelry and thinking about the artists who worked on such a small scale creating intricate designs. I started playing around with combinations, a new world opened up and I have been having fun ever since.

Every finished piece is made from older parts and is one of a kind. Duplications are almost impossible because it’s rare to find nicely made, beautiful pieces in multiples. Perhaps one could say this is recycling at its best.

Amber necklace4x6@72

Pearl necklace4x6@72

Red Necklace4x6@72Landres1